Increase efficiency with industrial barcode labels.

What Material is Used For Barcode Labels?

Barcode Rack Label

The barcode label material can make or break your barcode system. If an unsuitable material is chosen, it can deteriorate or fade, slowing down operations in your warehouse or making packages harder to track in logistics. The choice of barcode material has cost implications but the solution is not as simple as going for the

What is the Best Barcode Scanner for a Warehouse?

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Choosing a barcode scanner is a major decision when setting up a barcode system for warehouses and other industrial operations. The wrong barcode scanner will limit workers’ productivity or may fail to work completely. Industrial operations have different scanning needs represented by the many scanner options available today. Identifying the scanner that will work best

The Barcode Labeling System

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The first Universal Product Code (UPC) was scanned in 1974 in a small town in Ohio. The world hasn’t looked back since then. UPC is a type of barcode label and many of us can’t imagine a time when these black and white lines were not present on products. Barcodes make the process of buying

9 Benefits of a Barcoding System In a Warehouse


Barcoding systems are indispensable in warehousing and other industrial operations. Using barcodes makes it easy to identify items, enter data, and access information about tools, equipment, workers, and storage locations. It’s difficult to quantify the benefits of a barcoding system because it depends on factors such as the scale of your operations and daily activities.

How to Generate and Print Industrial Barcodes

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Adding barcodes to items or locations seems like the sort of thing that requires a tech expert, but it’s fairly simple. Barcodes have been on retail products since the 70s and the concept was around for decades before then. Generating and printing barcodes today is as simple as it gets. Implementing barcodes in industrial settings